About Us

Fionn Sherrard - Lead Feature Programmer


 If you can imagine it, Fionn can program it. Also originally from the games industry, working in a high stress environment is Fionns bread and butter. 

Mark Farrell - Business Development Manager


Mark has many years of experience in Engineering,  helping customers find the right innovation to meet their challenging requirements.

Nigel O'Leary - Engagement Manager


Nigel has over 30 years in the IT industry, helping customers innovate and adopt new technologies.

Homero Silviera - Art Director


One of the best 3D modellers in the games industry, Homero was one of the first to join Nigel with Dimension88. 

Catriona O'Leary - Chief People Officer,


 If there were ever a more dedicated People Officer, we have yet to find them. Catriona is the powerhouse of Dimension88, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

Shane Ross Murphy - 3D Design Lead


The newest member of our team, and also from the games industry originally, Shane has fit in perfectly here and made a real impact in our productivity. 

Caroline Weir - Sales & Marketing Manager

Marketing and PR Manager

Caroline heads up our Sales & Marketing function. She brings a wealth of experience and energy to the role. 

Cian Larkan - Project Manager


Cian understands that detail is everything. He ensures the teams stay focused and on track.